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Alderwood School


Alderwood 4-16 School was established in April 2017, following the amalgamation of Belle Vue Infant, Newport Junior and The Connaught Schools.

The school has seen many exciting developments as a result of the amalgamation. We have worked hard to develop a strong and relevant 4-16 curriculum to ensure that pupils can make excellent progress from the day they start in YR until they take their final exams in Y11.

We provide opportunities for cross-phase planning and liaison to ensure there are no gaps, and that our pupils experience a challenging Key Stage 3 curriculum which builds on all their prior learning. We also have excellent relationships with our feeder primary schools in Aldershot, who have all participated in our 4-16 curriculum development work.

Our overarching vision is to inspire all pupils to be the best that they can be and we passionately believe that a challenging and engaging curriculum lies at the heart of this.

Alderwood School 4-16 Curriculum Vision